Find Your Path, opened July 11, 2017, and is located at 1164 North Clinton Ave. in Rochester, New York. It is open Tuesday’s 10am-2pm. Find Your Path is an outreach center, open to the public for anyone in search of addiction services. Jonathan Westfall, Yana Khashper, Michela Peters, and many other volunteers, take their time to walk the streets offering food, water, and the hope of recovery to those struggling with addiction.

The need for Find Your Path emerged from community concern, when discarded syringes became visible in the surrounding community. Discarded needles are the aftermath of the assault of addiction on a community. Before there were needles, there were a host of unresolved social, educational, economic, mental health, and medical issues that were ignored by our society as a whole. When asked who are your clients, the answer was mostly from outside the community. One of the poorest communities in the United States, became a haven for the refuges of the more affluent city areas and the surrounding suburban communities. The disease of addiction from all communities spreads its far reaching hand to the poorest of areas to destroy what is left of a once vibrant neighborhood. Find Your Path is one of the not so silent warriors against addiction, making an impact on this community and surrounding communities, by offering hope and services to the vulnerable people of addiction.

A foundational belief of Find Your Path, is “harm reduction” to the addicted and the surrounding community, by offering these people an alternative; a life free of addiction. The belief of reducing harm to the addicted and the community is a broad reaching statement. Reducing harm to the addicted concerning the violence associated with self administration of drugs, the use of dirty needles, the impact of addiction to surrounding community of business owners and residents, and the social impact of high rate of addiction within and outside the community.

Find Your Path delivers wraparound services delivered by Jonathan Westfall, Yana Khashper, Michela Peters, cofounders and peer advocates, Kevin Aiken MSW with MC collaborative and many other volunteers. Their office is unassuming in regards to the comprehensive services Find Your Path delivers to the community. Their services span from finding those addicted or the addicted finding them and offering them food, water, and hope for a life free of addiction, to inpatient detox services, to out and inpatient rehabilitation, to sober or clean living arrangements. Not only do they provide all these services with a few laptops, and chairs, they even provide transportation to the appropriate location by Find Your Path. What separates Find Your Path from so many outreach groups and formal medical services, is that they stay with the person and track their addiction recovery through the steps of recovery. They build much needed therapeutic and peer mentoring relationships with people of addiction during all phases of recovery.

Find Your Path is a not for profit sustained through donations. Donations can be donated at, Find Your Path.

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